'Seeing from other side' is my first solo exhibition at Espoo Culture Centre Gallery , Finland; 10-21 / August / 2010.


The exhibition showed my silkscreen print works from year 2006 to 2010.


Through studying for the Master of Arts in Finland, I got design inspiration while staying in Finland. It gave me an excellent opportunity to look deeply into another culture to art and design from a Chinese point of view, which also let me rethink my own culture.


'Chinese painting, the flower of Chinese culture, is distinguished by a spirit and an atmosphere all its own. The goal of Chinese painting is to create in the most concise manner an artistic charm conveying a meaning of the infinite.' -Linyu Tang


Indeed, in traditional Chinese thought, the universe consists of breaths of various densities and is an always-moving source of life. To recreate these breaths in an image gives it life and establishes a direct link between the universe, the painting and the human.


I understood Finnish culture by looking at nature and living a simplified life. It is a Finnish way of happiness. Imagine taking a hot sauna after jumping into a cold lake to swim. Imagine sitting beside a lake and listening to birds singing and your breath; nothing is disturbing in a moment.